Weddings, besides being the celebration of two people pledging to love and support each other for a lifetime, two families welcoming and extending their relations, are an important social event. What makes them even more special, are the colors, the clothes, the collective unabashed display of revelry in attires. We put on our very best for weddings.

At Meraj, you find exactly that- the very best. You can plan the attire for all your wedding functions at Meraj. Think -Roka Anarkali, the engagement saree, wedding lehenga and a reception evening gown. We also cater to the groom’s needs. Sherwanis, Kurta Pyjamas, Blazers and Italian Suits.

We have skilled tailors and sincere consultants who only have your best interests in mind. The bride and groom have a separate consulting floor, where you can try on several outfits before you make up your mind. We also offer coordinated outfits for the couple to make a statement at the wedding. With over 25 years of experience, Meraj’s expertise is much sought not just for the happy couple, but the entire family.