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Cool Wedding Outfit Ideas for Men You Shouldn't Miss

Aug 23, 2018

Cool Wedding Outfit Ideas for Men You Shouldn't Miss

Weddings in India is no less than a celebration with so many events arranged, with all that dancing, and the mouthwatering food. While all aspects of a wedding are impotent, as a groom, the event demands you to look your best and flaunt the best outfits on your wedding day.

These days, men are putting in more effort to their wedding looks and that is incredible. For the same reasons, we spot more trends on Men’s wedding wear and it is amazing how the weddings aren’t just about brides outfit alone, but about the grooms too. Here are some of the cool wedding outfit ideas for men you should not miss.

Kurta with a jacket

Embellished jackets are in trend these days and are perfect to be paired with a plain kurta. Be it for your wedding reception or any other event, this combination of matching a dhoti with a stylish jacket will never go wrong. Either keep the jacket simple or go for a heavy embellished jacket.

Floral ensemble

Florals for men’s outfit are the new trend in Men’s wedding wear and it is here to stay for long. Earlier, florals were seen only on a brides outfit in various patterns and designs. However, floral prints have made entry into men’s fashion outfit recently, looks both contemporary and elegant, and works well for grooms who are daring to carry off the charming prints.

Indo-Western outfits

Indo Western are nothing but the perfect mix of Indian and western trends. With an unmatching confident and fashion sense, you can never go out of style while choosing for indo-western for your big day. They can be worn to simple functions to elaborate occasions like wedding celebrations. Match your favorite indo western dress with a dhoti and flaunt your go-to look.

Simple or blingy kurtas

Kurtas with dark colors and detailed embellishments suits events that take place in the evening. Compared to pastel shades, dark Kurtis is perfect for an evening wedding function or your wedding reception.

Dupattas are making a slow and steady entrance in Men's wedding wear and establishing its own space. A contrasting dupatta with heavy embellishments is one of the globally accepted trends these days.

Classic suit

You can never go wrong with a classic and well-fitted suit. Wear it with a solid colored and well-tailored shirt and you are good to go. You can team it up with a bow tie or a scarf and you are perfect to attend a reception dinner or a cocktail party.

Semi causal waistcoat look

If you want to look dressed up for a wedding event but not too dressed up, going for a casual look with a waistcoat is great. A chic shirt and lined pants combination work stunning and you can choose from a plethora of styles in waistcoats.

Nowadays, it is not only the bride’s domain to get their wedding wear crafted by top designers. Indian grooms are fast realizing the significance of dressing to match a killer persona. For men, dressing up for a wedding has never been so exciting. Thanks to the ongoing evolution in Mens wedding wear. Though men have fewer options for a wedding than women, they have the advantage of reusing their outfits even after the wedding, mix, and match them for different occasions. While you might not be a public figure, that does not stop you from dressing like one. Follow these trends while picking your wedding outfit from Commercial Street to make big day even more regal.

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