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How to Rock the Most Amazing Pastel Sherwani - Groom's Exclusive

Dec 4, 2018

How to Rock the Most Amazing Pastel Sherwani - Groom's Exclusive

Wedding happens to be the most happening day in the life of a bride. What about the groom though? Sure, Indian Men consider themselves to be macho and above petty things such as fashion. Yet, times have changed totally with the mustachioed groom giving way to a sensitive and soft spoken man who is not averse to taking an interest in his wedding costume.

Well, you just cannot hope to overlook the ubiquitous Sherwani Suits completely when it is time to cut a dashing figure atop the marriage horse. Alas! There are only a limited hues deemed to be suitable for the bridegroom while the bedecked bride hogs the limelight. This might be the right time to make your fashion statement though and don a pastel colored Sherwani, something that is not often seen or heard about.

Do not even think of looking pale besides your beautiful bride in a plain white kurta though. Your wedding day calls for something special. Feel free to match every sari of hers with a magnificent sherwani that does not have to be red and gold either. Here are some of our top picks. Do check them out and choose the one that works for you.

Inspiring Ivory

The Captain comes to our minds instantly though. Think about Virat Kohli taking the hand of his celeb bride, resplendent in Ivory colored silk Sherwani. You couldn’t take your eyes of him then! Nor will anyone be able to do it as you look bold and charismatic in it.

Powder Blue

Go for the sift shade of blue and make your bride fall in love with you all over again! The soft hue will not take anything away from your personality but will showcase your sensitive side amazingly as well.

Personable Pink

You do not have any reason to blush like a bride by donning a pink creation on the D-Day. Men can pose personably in the color known to enhance the feminine side. Prove your point by having the courage to show up in pink that is not pretty but absolutely perfect.

Earthy Beige

Reveal your true colors by choosing to stand by our planet. You just cannot go wrong in selecting an exciting shade of pale brown known famously as beige elsewhere. It showcases your desire to remain rooted in spite of your success. Way to go Man!

Minty Green

You need not go through hundreds of colors to find a suitable sherwani if you happen to obsess over green. Forget the dark hues though and opt for the cool minty one especially if you choose comfort and style together.

Gracious Grey

It would be best to remain understated yet elegant by wearing grey with élan. It is certainly not a boring color unlike what the world thinks. Prove your critics totally wrong by pairing it with a pink shawl and step out in style, your bride firmly by your side.

The Sherwani is not only meant for the wedding day though. You might have to take part in numerous event both prior and post the actual ceremony. It makes perfect sense to have a selection in pastel colors ready so that you do not look out of place ever. Check out the awesome collection of Designer Sherwani for groom here and satiate your urge to look and feel great.

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