Steal a Captivating Style with Meraj's Irresistible Traditional and Indowestern Collection from Indian Designer League season-2

Sep 24, 2019

Steal a Captivating Style with Meraj's Irresistible Traditional and Indowestern Collection from Indian Designer League season-2

The Indian Designer League season-2 (2019), showcased by Mr. Meraj ended with a splendid spring of apparel. On this occasion, Mr. Meraj feels awfully elated that we were able to showcase our latest innovations of elegant and trendy bridal wears crafted with fur and feather concept, Presented as Autumn winter collection. As a result of the tireless efforts, each and every garment born in the hands of Mr. Meraj looked just like how the flowers bloom. By presenting alluring wedding garments for both bride and groom with a blend of Indian and western fashion flavors and traditions, we have been able to capture the minds of all our guests and the audience who came there to experience the magic and majesty of Meraj's fashion expertise. In addition to fur and feathers works, the exquisite and royal-looking wedding garments embellished with zardozi, zircon stone, and pearl beads works have dawned like rising stars in the sky.

Today, fashion is not just about designing something. Instead, a fashion designer has a big responsibility to make clothes, and at the same time, bring the bliss of the minds of each wearer. The brand Meraj has always been at the forefront of this. That is why we are able to have a large group of happy customers with satisfied minds.

Our customers always say, “Meraj made our dreams come true.” These words prompted Mr Meraj to step forward. Later on, it then enabled us to organize great fashion events like this.

As a pioneer in the bridal fashion industry, we make every single garment by utilizing the highest quality luxury fabrics and artistic embellishments. As a symbol of it, the Indian Designer League season-2 featured the dresses that any bride would undoubtedly love to choose. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the brightest pair of dresses from the ‘couple collections’ that we made.


Exhibiting one of the most appealing couple's outfits from IDL-2, 2019. The Man looks extraordinarily handsome with a pastel Pink colored Indo-Western outfit crafted with Italian fabrics and self texture designs. Equally Complimenting She’s evenly elegant and stylish as a princess wearing a Light pink color Indo-Western bridal wear created in Net fabric with embellishments including Zircon Stone self thread work and feather.


Black and Grey are favorites for many. Here, this stunning bold black Sherwani made of velvet fabric and 3D Thread work with the touch of semi precious stones make him much more masculine. On the other side, she spreads the astonishing beauty of the combination of Grey with black by wearing a bell-sleeved gown loomed with Net and Satin fabrics and enticing Zircon Stoneworks.  


Many were talking about this combination out there. This awesomely created gold-colored Pleated Indo-Western embroidered with Thread work with Zardosi on Dupion Silk fabric literally stole the heart of many men who were present for the show. Simultaneously, the cross-cut Indo-Western adorned by her was one of the best-chosen outfits by females as their favorite. The highness of Zircon stones and zardozi with pearls on this Pista green colored net and satin fabrics played the game well here. 


Showcasing the loftiness of a combo of four bridal outfits. Red and Maroon are the most preferred colors for bridal outfits by ladies. It makes them feel like a princess from the legacy of history. Here, the ladies wearing those ravishing Red and Maroon lehengas are displaying the grandiosity of their outfits that carefully crafted in raw silk with embellishments of machine and handwork with Fur and Feathers. The male wearing that ivory white Indo-western outfit looks extremely gentle and classy due to the sublimity of Pure silk with Zirdozi embellishments. Besides, the sorcery of Silk fabric and the brilliant Stonework with a French knot works better with the blend of an Indo-Western garment. 

At last, only one thing to say, let us embark on this fashion journey, remembering every single person who stayed with us for making everything successful. 

Whatever your wedding dreams are, don't let it go; Meraj is here to make that a reality. 


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