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What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Your Bridal Lehengas

Jul 23, 2018

What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Your Bridal Lehengas

Indian weddings are a great deal, even if it is not one of those big fat weddings there are lots of things to take care of. From decorations to photography, lighting, food menu and wedding venues, the list goes on. One of the most significant things among this list has to be the bridal ensemble. All eyes will be on the bride on her big day and she must look stunning at any cost.

Bridal lehenga is the most important aspect and be it traditional or modern; you need to wear the most gorgeous outfit while getting hitched. So here are some things you need to know before heading to the bridal ghagra choli dress store in Bangalore.

Choose the outfit yourself

Indian weddings have a traditional custom where bride’s relatives or groom’s family gift the wedding dress. Though you need not disregard the tradition, make sure that you accompany them for shopping. As a bride, you need to choose what you will wear for your wedding and it is better to choose your bridal lehenga yourself.

Pay more attention to your blouse and dupatta

Whenever girls do bridal shopping, they tend to pay more attention to the lehenga skirt as it is general standards. However, your blouse and dupatta are more important than the skirt because most of the times when your photographer covers the wedding, the waist up are captured more than full shots. Most of the times, the majority of attention goes to your blouse and dupatta and your lehenga skirt is not even clicked at times.

Try matching your lehenga to your jewelry instead of another way round

Most of the people buy the outfit and then purchase matching jewelry to pair it with. However, if your jewelry is the big investment and you are going to use it more than your designer bridal ghagra choli in Bangalore, you need to give more importance to the jewelry. When you try to do it the other way round you may end up in a situation where you have to buy a necklace to fit the pre-decided neckline of the blouse and the color. Plus, it will not be easy for you to find a matching jewelry for your lehenga while the other way round is easier.

Where is your wedding happening?

The venue of the wedding is highly significant as it decides what type of bridal lehenga to pick. If you are having a destination wedding with a theme, the choice of the lehenga should match the venue choice. If it’s a beach wedding, pick an outfit that is comfortable on sandy floors and it if it’s a garden venue makes sure that your lehenga doesn’t have too much net on it as chances of it getting caught in tiny branches are high.

Do not blindly go for expensive dresses

Here’s the thing, in most cases, the most attractive dresses are going to exceed the budget you have already set. While every bride loves to flaunt a Sabyasachi outfit, you should try to find an outfit that looks good on you and match your budget as well.

The wedding date is set and you have started searching for the perfect bridal lehenga. Follow the above tips while going to buy your bridal lehenga as it makes sure that you don’t face any practical problems while getting hitched.

Finding your dream wedding lehenga is no easy task. To find the one which perfectly suits you, the kind of designer piece you want to flaunt, you got to plan way in advance. Head on to the best bridal wear stores in Commercial Street in Bangalore and start the bridal lehenga selection right away.

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