Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are, an Indian citizen, and if you are
Female unmarried – Age: 18-27 Years (Height – 5.5” & above)
Male unmarried – Age: 21-30 Years (Height – 5.8” & above)
There is no entry participation fee for the audition.
This Pageant is solely organised for the interest of participants with little or no pageant experience and not for professional models or beauty pageant winners.
No, you do not need to win a preliminary title or have previous pageant experience to participate.
There is no performing talent competition. There are three equally scored categories including: Interview, Photo-shoot and Ramp-Walk.
If you are a single and with the below criteria
Female unmarried - Age: 18-27 Years (27 till 31st January 2020)
Male unmarried - Age: 21-30 Years (30 till 31st January 2020)
If you are female you should be minimum 5.5 feet in height & above, If male minimum height to be 5.8” & above. There is usually a wide range of body styles and types participating with us. We are looking for outgoing, intelligent and confident Men & Women.
Confidence is the only required thing that you need to have at all stages of the Contest.
You will be crowned winner and will be a provided a great platform to be the FACE OF MERAJ. He / She will be required to sign a year contract with the brand Meraj ek pehchaan.
The number of contestants and Selection to the finale is based on participants willingness fulfilling the terms and conditions.
If you are, an Indian citizen, and if you are residing anywhere in the world, you can participate in the contest. However you are responsible for your own transportations / stays / food or any other expenses occurs during the course of the competition.
Female unmarried - PRINCESS OF MERAJ
Male unmarried - PRINCE OF MERAJ
Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, we have not prohibited anyone from entering the pageant because of them. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, however, judging is a subjective process done by everyone differently. If you are uncomfortable with your piercing, you may want to make sure your wardrobe covers it. You can opt to replace it with something smaller and less noticeable or you can remove it totally for pageant weekend.
Once your form is submitted, our review committee will determine if they feel you would make a good candidate for the title. If you are accepted to participate in the pageant, you will be contacted by email/phone.
The Auditions are going to be held in Bengaluru City, However we will update you with the dates of auditions once you are shortlisted for the same.
You are responsible for your own transportation to the audition location. Parents and friends are not permitted in the audition room. You as a contestant do need to carry an e-ticket/ unique registration number text/email. Once you are shortlisted you will updated through text/email or at the pageant audition itself prior to the show.
You still have a chance to be associated with the Brand. We identify few contestants (from the rejected list), have potentials and can be groomed to be part for the next year pageant.
For further information / clarifications, contact on +91 6360498760 office from 11:30 am till 6.30 pm, on all days except on & Sundays.

Few Facts:
Selected candidates can be eliminated from the ongoing contest: Reasons like - Behavioural and Disciplinary Issues, due, continuous absenteeism from the grooming sessions or any such reason/cause stated by the organizer MERAJ ek pehchaan.
In case of elimination or participant decide to quit the show in between the ongoing contest - No Organizer MERAJ ek pehchaan does not promises any monetary prizes or Titles.

The Schedule of events/qualification rounds/grooming sessions are subject to change at the discretion of the organizer.
Any anger, profanity, unseemly language, or anything else that might cause ill controversy that is directed towards the directors, producer, owners or anyone else involved with the production of or who is employed by MERAJ ek pehchaan will be grounds for disqualification and ejection from any contest category at present or future contest. This rule is without exception and is at the discretion of MERAJ ek pehchaan.