Texas rose-colored ghagra choli

Texas rose-colored ghagra choli

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A beautiful Texas rose-colored ghagra choli is adorned with shimmering stone sequences and delicate pearls. The choli, a fitted blouse, complements the rich color of the ghagra, a flared skirt. The ensemble is completed with an elegant and luxurious scale-up dupatta (a long scarf), draping gracefully over the shoulders. To add a touch of sophistication and drama, the ghagra choli features a tail, which cascades gracefully behind the wearer, adding a sense of grandeur to the outfit. The combination of the vibrant Texas rose hue, the sparkling stone sequences, and the lustrous pearls makes this traditional attire a true masterpiece, perfect for special occasions and celebrations.

Choose standard size or custom fitting available. Bust, Waist, Hips, Sleeves, Length, shoulder can be customized as per your size. Experts will verify your customization via email or phone.