A Cluster of Fascinating Bridal Collections Exhibited at “Indywood Billionaires Club”

Jan 23, 2020

A Cluster of Fascinating Bridal Collections Exhibited at “Indywood Billionaires Club”

“Wooohhh...!!! It was really awe-inspiring and I, as a bridal fashion designer, was greatly excited and elated.”- says Meraj Anwar.

Yes! Indywood Billionaires Club (IBC) Karnataka Chapter Official Launch, where we had our recent bridal fashion show, inspired him to say these exhilarating words. 

As we have interwoven with IBC this year, it was our great proud that we were showcasing our exclusive bridal designer wear collections in front of India’s wealthiest Individuals who dwell for achieving a revolutionary vision to make India better developed by 2030. 

Coming back to our haute couture that has a splendid array of extraordinarily designed apparel with mind-boggling hand-crafted embellishments, the whole event has witnessed and had an elaborate view on the astonishing creations of Meraj; and the guests were on cloud nine. Let’s have a glimpse of some of the ravishing bridal Lehenga Cholis we assembled and showcased for the IBC event. 

A Fur Gown to Steal Your Heart

IBC Event

It’s a moment to show the grandiosity and ornateness of Meraj. Let’s have a glimpse of an elegant creation that stole the hearts of many audiences at the IBC launch ceremony.

First and one of the best! Showcasing a spectacular peach color gown crafted with a striking summation of embellishments including Zircon and Zardozi work that elevate the blend of Indian and western fashion modes. This beautiful creation, which was born on the cloak of Meraj, stole the minds of whole women.  

A golden flower has bloomed…!!!

Designer Lehenga Choli in IBC event

The pretty one to be glorious…!!!

An enchanting Beige Lehenga, one of the most preferred bridal wears in India, elevating her charm with the splendor of royalty and pride. This Lehenga is exquisitely made of cutwork to add more volume to the down part and it works extremely fine with the whole outfit by giving her an adorable gleam of richness. 

A Golden Touch with Highness of Royalty 

Latest Fashion Wear Lehenga Choli  

There is something to cheer up your mind. Have a gaze…!

How awesome to have an amazing glimmer of a gold color Gown for your Big Day…!!! We better comprehend it here and It’s damn stunning to enliven the spirit of an elegant wedding party or reception. So, if you are thinking of it like us, you can better have a dream and make it real with this dazzlingly made lehenga which sparkles with a blend of heavily woven embroideries and bewitching Parsi works. 

Overall, we ended the show with the joy of being able to create an atmosphere filled with the vanity of exclusive and enchanting Meraj Bridal Collections. Its pride and the feeling of satisfaction, like a spring, still fills the mind. Perhaps the guests who are present there must have cheered their minds also. Part of it was the constant applause and words of congratulations we received. 





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