Peplum – The Trending Bridal Style

The wedding is a beautiful occasion as there are so many memories to take forward and cherish. It is a day every girl dream about and has a detailed plan of each and every detail about the big day. The major thing which makes your wedding even more special.

The Best Fashion Designer in Commercial Street Bangalore

Every bride would love it if their wedding trousseau comes from an exemplary designer with a brilliant brand and an awesome bridal collection. It’s worth thinking about how you want the story of your bridal dress to be. Do you want the finest cutting skills of Indian master artisans?

Smart Ways for Brides to Flaunt Wedding Lehenga in the Best Possible Way

Getting hitched is perhaps the most awaited and dreamed about moment in every Women's life. If you are a soon-to-be a bride, looking the best on your wedding day is your priority.

Cool Wedding Outfit Ideas for Men You Shouldn't Miss

Weddings in India is no less than a celebration with so many events arranged, with all that dancing, and the mouthwatering food. While all aspects of a wedding are impotent, as a groom, the event demands you to look your best and flaunt the best outfits on your wedding day.

What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Your Bridal Lehengas

Indian weddings are a great deal, even if it is not one of those big fat weddings there are lots of things to take care of. From decorations to photography, lighting, food menu and wedding venues, the list goes on.

Fabulous Outfit Ideas for your Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet night is the fun night before the wedding. However with peppy dance numbers, excitement and laughter, it can be the most hectic one as well. The best thing about sangeet night is there aren’t any serious rules which mean everyone can choose it in their style to celebrate the big day.

7 Trendy Haldi Outfits for Indian Brides

Haldi ceremony is as special as your engagement function or any other wedding celebration. It is not only a celebration it is also the occasion when brides get the opportunity to pay attention to their beauty and skin and get indulged in traditional rituals.

Bangalore Times Fashion Week Event 2018

The spring/ summer collection RIZAH- Indian Bridal Haute Couture by Meraj at Bangalore Times Fashion Week 2018 presented its story in eloquent chapters full of play of colors, fabrics, and embellishments. RIZAH meaning heavenly beauty.

The coolest way to invite your BFF to be your Bridesmaid

The bridesmaid’s role in a wedding is no small feat. It takes a certain level of knowledge about the bride, a knack for managing everything and knowing how to plan a couple of great parties and a lot more for your BFF to be your bridesmaid.

Brand New Lehenga Blouse styles in trend

It’s easy to pull off traditional style lehenga and every Indian woman can do it with ease. But, what about carrying off a quirky design of a fun style that is far from normal? Now, this is a bit challenging but rather interesting to the daring brides out there who aren’t shy to try out something fresh. While some trends come and go,

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